Foot sewing machine – buy a machine with such a drive?



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Foot sewing machine – buy a machine with such a drive?.

With the advent of modern models foot sewing machine, not so long ago very popular, has gradually given way to innovations. And although some domestic manufacturers ceased to produce them, the Swiss and the Japanese firm are confident that a cheap sewing machine foot will always be in demand, and those who want to buy it is always there. Those who decided to buy a sewing foot machine, appreciate quality and reliability.

Sewing machine with treadle

It is no secret that foot sewing machine is not a very large number of functions and lines. Its capabilities may not be enough professional seamstress, but for everyday home use it is quite possible to buy. The package includes a treadle, by which the machine operates. Foot sewing machine with hands-free working. This makes work easier, increases productivity and improves the quality of the products.
Treadle is the pedal that presses the running feet. As a result, it makes oscillatory motion, which through the connecting rod and the crank goes into the rotation, and is transmitted further on the starting wheel. Its rim has a special chute that is designed for insertion of a round belt. The latter connects the starter wheel pulley flywheel, which is mounted on a main shaft of the machine. Such a mechanism requires the observance of elementary safety rules.
Working on the sewing machine with a foot pedal, special attention should be paid to the position of the hands and feet. You cannot wear the belt of the machine and hold his hand. Tucking the thread in the machine needle, it is not necessary to keep the feet on the pedals. If you decide to buy such a model, the neglect of these terms is not necessary. Such reckless actions can lead to injury.

How to buy a sewing machine foot?

Depending on manufacturer, brand and grade sewing machine is a treadle may differ in features and have some features in the work.
Foot machine «Orsha» 1022 class has a centralized lubrication system and the function of winding the thread onto the bobbin semi-automatic, which was not in the previous 22 models.
Sewing machine «Podolsk» is designed to perform simple line, complex zigzag and decorative stitches. The set includes a stand, and sometimes the drive.
Chaika resembles a sewing machine «Podolsk». It allows direct, single and double zig-zag and a few decorative stitches to reverse. Able to work with a variety of fabrics (from silk to wool), it is possible to satin stitch or cutwork, sew on buttons, buttonhole loop.
As can be seen, a foot sewing machine is versatile enough for household use. They all differ, and you can buy one that will meet your requirements.

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