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Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Cute textile kit.

Quite spontaneously in my mind was born the idea to sew the whale, and next to it the idea to shoot a master class. Pattern found online, a source (sort of) turned out to be some foreign girl, if I’m wrong — correct me. The pattern I transformed a bit, did a little whale gorbatii and just changed the fin. If you want to make the whale very tidy (as in children’s cartoons), it can be done very simply — just hand draw it rounder as much as you need it, while maintaining the length of the top of, or directly proportional to do not forget to lengthen the lower part. Let’s get started.

1. Pattern


2. From the materials we will use only the filler and fabric, mix and match at their discretion. The Internet is very popular whales of old .

3. Transfer our pattern to the fabric. The fins and tail I will be double-sided. The top of the kit in the box, and the belly is polka dot. The main parts you will have 2 of these and they should be mirrored to each other.


4. The tail and fins, stitch. Postpone them until the sidelines.


5. To cut out the main parts of the kit with a seam 0.5 cm. with Red lines I marked the place where we will sew the flippers.

04 05 06

6. And now the most difficult step in the whole process :) Sew the main parts of the whale. When you fold them face each other, you will see that the lines do not coincide. Question: and how then to stitch them together? I directly during the process, adjust edge, in practice it is not difficult. If you doubt your abilities, you can start to sweep away the details, and then already to stitch. This is just and okay to sew from cotton and loose fabrics, the details of them very simple to pull together. Locations for last leaving not stitched.


7. We return to the flippers and tail. To cut out, gut-wrenching.

08 09 10

8. Ironing all the details. The tail and fins attracive ornamental seam (this is a common stitch, but it does not carry any functions, just gives the details finished and nice). The charm of the whale has to face!

11 12

9. Inserted into specially left for this purpose, holes, fins and push out the seam around the top of the whale (in a cage). Then the same seam starting at the bottom (polka dot), but don’t forget to bend the fins. So it will remain in free flight from the body. Then our folded fins inside, skalyvaniem parts and sewed them in a circle, leaving the abdomen an opening for stuffing. The tail is also left not sewn.

13 14 15 16

9. Wrenched the whale.


10. Take the tail and fold it in half. Insert, stitched.

18 19

11. Fills. Sew or draw eyes. Begin to love our creation!

20 21 22

Thank you for your attention!

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