Create original textile bag in the technique of patchwork



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Create original textile bag in the technique of patchwork.

We need:

fabric for patchwork made in the USA;

roller knife;



sewing machine or :)

needle — punched polyester batting 150ka;

ruler for patchwork;

paper for freezing;

embroidery scissors;

— machine needles for ;

milovy pencil for marking.

1. Defines the size of the bag (don’t worry, all the same, the dimensions will be as they want — I started with this size).


2. Do hand applique using freezer paper. On the paper draw a symbolic figure of a girl, square 11*11 cm


3. The outline of the picture, outline in black marker, mirror, outline the selected part onto the paper to freeze (smooth side down). Use a lightbox or glass under the light.


4. Cut out a piece of paper for freezing and smoothed with an iron to the wrong side of the fabric (smooth side down).


5. Cut, 3-4 mm seam allowance, as pictured.


Iron smooth away the seam allowance on the paper for freezing.

6. Paving a running stitches to applique was the same as the picture.


7. Orientirueshsya on our drawing, attach one item to another, use the lightbox.


8. Sew the top of the apron, stitch length 1 mm, which is hidden between the two fabrics.


9. From the inside looks as we cut out unnecessary compaction of the fabric, leaving a seam allowance of 3 mm.


10. Consistently collect all the parts for the manual application, one piece is hiding under the other, and therefore, the order in which.


11. Without experience, I have gone to this pregnant 7 days, with patterns and so on. I’m still slowly doing this. I realized that everything I have will crash with this project, if I continue in the same spirit.

So the rest of an application made by machine, which I described in the previous workshops.

11 12

All the schematic symbols, letter — capital letter name, respectively, without letters, but they all fit into the square 11*11 cm, and collected from all repetitions of color.

12. In the end, the squares tend to size 10*10 cm, between stripes of 3 cm, for the effect emitted by the flash squares of fabric (I have a red ornament). No one knows what fabric will be suitable.

Also with the main background, when you select the fabric desired, you may want to remove.

13. Now geometry. We reach the base fabric on all sides to desired size. I have in total about 55*85 cm

After assembling the whole piece, sew the appliqué on the back side of the bag.

Define the center of across and along.

If the bottom width of 22 cm from the centre delayed in both directions for 11 cm and draw the line or zavturove.

Also the sides approximately 11 cm.


14. Conduct advanced line, also come up with simple and clearly benchmarks for stitches, stripes, wavy lines and so on. You can use a flexible curve or a line or draw a template on cardboard and twist. Mirror!

The edge of the product is also defined by the line.

14 15

15. Make a sandwich using two-sided adhesive times and needlepunched polyester batting 200. Or regular batting but preparepage iron.

16. Stegen first the bottom.


17. Sagem wavy lines with additional parallel lines.


18. Stegen else.


19. Edge dategiven to the end.


20. Fold the workpiece in half, sew on the side of cut, the seam allowance 6 mm, akantovye.



21. Tortured with the workpiece to be done, as in these photos.

22 23

22. Wrenched inside out, fold the corners as in the photo, orientirueshsya on the markup of 45 degrees, where cm I got 21 see

With a pencil draw the line on which to scribble with the clips on the edges.

The inside as in photo 2.

24 25

23. Do not cut the excess triangles, as they support the shape of the bag.

24. Laterally bend around as we like.


25. Make the pens.

I made a length of 45 cm plus 2 cm on the error.

27 28 29 30

On photo 30, departing from the edge of 3-4 cm, connected to a hidden stitch both edges of handle. Sew on the arms.

26. Fringes the edge of the handles.

We put marking pen from the center equally in both directions.


27. Sew the handles as pictured, from the inside, from the face of the thread to match fabrics monofilament or.


28. Or rather do put buttons or run to home life to put the buttons.


In side the crease.

Urgently invent where to go with this bag :)

If desired, you can reinforce the bottom, cut in size is inserted under the triangles) of the bottom of the plastic cover of a folder for papers.

And photos of the finished work:

36 37 38 39

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