Best sewing machine for leather – heavy or industrial


best sewing machine for leather

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Best sewing machine for leather – heavy or industrial.

Trying to sew leather on a regular sewing machine, then you will be very disappointed. Not to mention the missed stitches. The fact is that the standard model is not able to break through such thick material. Lines get low quality and appear skipped stitches. So you can cope with skin your machine should have a powerful engine and needs to be durable and reliable. For this purpose you more suitable industrial sewing machine for leather. We present to you the best sewing machines for leather in the opinion of many people who have left the most rave reviews about these remarkable models.


Heavy sewing machine for leather

For sewing machines for leather particularly important parameters are the materials of construction and engine power. The engine must easily penetrate the skin. For these purposes it is necessary ribbed drive belt. The leather estimated by weight; additional parameters are the density, thickness and texture. If the machine can work with the skin of small weight, it can be placed on the label «sewing leather.» However, this does not mean that it can work with any type of skin. This fact may enter into the delusion of the person wanting to buy a sewing machine for leather. Below are the parameters of two of the best sewing machine for leather. This is done in order to oversimplify the procedure of buying the appropriate machines.

They both can work with skin of average and small weight. And they are suitable for frequent use, as they have a solid construction.

  • Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

This model sewing machine is one of the very known. It is easy to cope with such a complex and thick material like leather. It is equipped with snap-on presser feet, a reverse lever and has eighteen stitches. With this model you will get pleasure from work. It doesn’t have many built-in stitches, but they are sufficient to handle such a complex material as leather. It is simple and powerful, and makes high-quality and long lines. Sometimes it is called the grand machine. It’s pretty machine. It is not suitable for traveling, because the large size. But these qualities are helping to sew a skin. They decrease motion of the skin during operation.

  • Singer Sewing 4432

Singer Sewing 4432

This machine also sews well the leather, although its price is more affordable than the previous model. It has a metal structure and stainless steel plate for trouble-free operation. This machine has an automatic threader and it can perform thirty two stitches, including eighteen decorative varieties. Many users say about this machine as a very inexpensive, simple in operation and doing its job very efficiently. However, it is not enough powerful to sew very thick materials, it can deal with the leather medium weight. To work with thick skin need a more expensive variant.

That machine has served you for many years and did not require replacement you need to purchase heavy sewing machine for leather. They are more durable than conventional models, and can guarantee you with an interesting creative work.


Industrial sewing machine for leather

These high-power machines usually have a metal structure. They are equipped with strong engines. But the circumstance that they consist of stable nodes and can work with heavy fabrics doesn’t mean that they will felicitously be able to sew the leather.

It is very important from a diversity of options to select a machine that will can to function with the required weight of the skin. Not every industrial model has the ability to operate with the leather very well. To improve the supply of leather materials used a walking foot.

Not to be mistaken in your choice read reviews from people about the work of different machine with the leather. These reviews will facilitate you get a representation of what kind of sewing machines is right for you for your particular business. Because to sew up the torn jacket or to sew a skin professionally – it’s a big difference.

We advise you to put one’s mind in the first instance to the model Janome HD3000. It has not the highest price on the market of heavy sewing machines. But it is very simple to learn and toilless to use. And 350 dollars is not so much to ensure that your sewing brings you pleasure. We wish you an enjoyable and fruitful work on this wonderful model.

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