Best heavy duty sewing machine for leather reviews


best heavy duty sewing machine

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Best heavy duty sewing machine for leather reviews.

If your work involves sewing thick fabrics such as leather, jeans and the like, then you need special device. For these purposes the best suited heavy duty sewing machine. To ensure that you made the right purchase decision about buying a machine, we offer you heavy duty sewing machine reviews. You need to seriously come to the choice of features built into the machine.  Finally, the machine must operate for a prolonged time. So you have to answer all these questions before buying. Do you need a lot of stitches? Or you will work with a multi-layered material? Or the machine has to live very quickly? And maybe she doesn’t have to be stuck in a random area of the hard tissue?

Heavy duty sewing machine for leather

You purchased the machine should be of high quality, but inexpensive, capable to sew dense fabric and in addition durable. The vast number of these machines has a long warranty period – up to twenty five years, which confirms its reliability. The heavy duty sewing machine reviews helped us to make this TOP 3. All of the following machines meet these requirements.

These models are of Singer and Janome firms.

  1. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty

It is powerful, yet simple to operate model is destined for professional seamstresses. It is equipped with a 1-step buttonhole, snap-on feet, 18 stitch settings and reverse lever. It has several types of adjustable feet: hem, blind and overlock. The machine has a fast and smooth running. However, it can do the and to use a large number of fabric. A small amount of built-in stitches is not its drawback, as some original stitches are rarely used and are not needed for sewing thick materials.

  1. Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed

This machine is productive and very quick: it makes 1100 stitches p.m. It is equipped with an auto-threader, a drop-in bobbin and 23 types of stitches. Good achievements of this model costing $ 150 are quiet and high-quality work with medium weight . One flaw of the machine is an absence of the capacity to handle several layers of denim. This is not surprising at this price. But with the other work she copes very well and even better than similar models at a price.

  1. Singer 5532 Heavy Duty

Singer 5532 Heavy Duty

This machine went on the previous model. It is more expensive, and therefore has an enhanced opportunity. The speed it the same, while the quantity of stitches more – 32. This machine has additional features: three needle positions, a tension setting and automatic bobbin winding. The warranty period of it is 25 years. This sewing machine showed itself from the best side at working with leather and . Unlike models Brother in it still need to pull up a thread in the drop-in bobbin.

All models are listed here, will make your sewing faster and easier. They are very convenient and best heavy duty sewing machines for leather. The choice is yours!


Heavy duty sewing machine reviews

The dignities of these high-quality machines are:

  • Increased strength; many of these machines have metal parts and components to increase lifetime. These machinesdo not have LED or LCD screens, because theyoften fail.
  • Sewing thick fabrics; these models with powerful engines will not be difficult to break through tissues such as jeans.
  • Quick sewing; these machines operate at very high speed that is suitable for experienced seamstresses.
  • Multi-layer sewing; many projects are carried out on such machines with this capability.

For some works heavy duty sewing machines are simply irreplaceable. Although they are quite expensive and heavy, the versatility and rugged construction compensate for these shortcomings. If you are going to buy such machine you must understand that models with most potent motor and higher performance cost 200 dollars and up.

For productive work with hard materials it is better to give preference a model with a severe motor and a ribbed belt to prevent slipping. If you are not strapped for cash we advise you to purchase Janome HD3000. Its advantages, such as multiple functions, durability and versatility compensate for its high price. And you will get satisfaction from the work.


Creative person is not must to take heavy duty sewing machine. You will approach the standard model with original built-in stitches. These machines are less portable and more expensive. They are not suitable .

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