Adorable Easter basket with your own hands



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Adorable Easter basket with your own hands.

Since childhood real spring holiday for me was Easter. How many can remember — always on this day the sun was shining, had been removed in sofas and cabinets winter clothes, none of the adults did not have to go to work, our entire extended family gathered at the and rejoiced the long-awaited warmth and the coming summer. And how much fun it was with my mom and sisters to dye eggs and preparing for such a wonderful holiday! And although now we with mum live in different cities, I continue this tradition with my husband that our future children this holiday evoked only positive emotions :) And I suggest you to do with me nice Souvenirs for the loved ones of people!

So, let’s start?

For work we need:

— jute twine;

— thread crochet gray;

white felt;

— sisal;

— finished a bunch for scrapbooking;

— wire diameter 1.5 mm;

— white acrylic paint, paint brush, PVA glue, scissors, a large plastic Cup.


Let’s start with the baskets. Cut off from the twine 16 pieces of 20 cm long and tie them in a bun.


On the bottom of the Cup make a hole with an awl or knitting needle and insert there our strings. Gently distribute the ends of the twine and fasten with a Bank of rubber bands.


This is the Foundation of our future baskets. Promazhem all carefully with white glue, diluted with water and leave aside. While our billet drying, make a handle. Cut from wire a piece with a length of 20-22 cm and wrapped it with twine. The tips of the clamps and also promazyvayut glue.


It is very important to leave two sides of a stock splits, it will seal the handle with a basket.


Now for the rabbit :) in Any convenient for you way make two POM-POM approximately 2 cm and 3 cm in diameter. I made them using the devices for POM-POM and trimmed to the desired size.


From white felt cut out ears.
Sew the POM-POM between them, sewn eyelets. Beaded black and pink colors denote eyes and a nose. In the process, I decided to add the inner part of the ears from beige felt and tendrils of hair. Here’s a cute one we did it!

Back to the basket. By this time the glue is dry, so brew tea, turn on your favorite movie and proceed to the most long in this work the process weaving :)

Refill the tip from the roll of twine into the hole of the Cup and begin to braid the warp . Every two rows to change the sequence. I prefer to miss out on a new series under the two threads in a row.


It may not be right, but I only try their at weaving, so strongly do not abuse :)

Criss-crossing our entire basket, repeating the shape of the glass. The height of the basket should be 3 cm.


Again impregnated with a solution of glue and allowed to dry. At this time you can have floral arrangements and sisal, dyed eggs or other things. Dry? Great :) Formed by the edge of the basket. I just tied the thread in the flagellum, capturing the warp threads, impregnated with glue and attached the clip.



The time bridge the basket with handle, tied it to the side with a hook or, as in my case, from Decker knitting machines. Powrotem operation with glue, paying particular attention to the joints. Dry.


Almost ready! Remove the clamp, cut the excess thread. The last time «tormented» basket tonyrueb her slightly diluted white acrylic paint and dry with a Hairdryer.


Now you can start making. Odletem flowers and stems sezali the handle of the basket with one hand, then, forming a wreath on a side, grab a bit of the other side. I used the flowers of the forget-me-nots, which are made in advance.


Twisted sisal nest and put inside the basket.


Tie a bow, put in a nest egg on the side and widening of rabbit. We have prepared a wonderful gift!


I wish you all a spring mood and creative success!


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